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Tallinn Helen’s School Department C

In brief

  • In school year 2016/2017 we have
  • 3 classes
  • 34 pupils – 23 boys and 11 girls
  • Pupils with speech disorders: alalia, dysarthria, rhinolalia, specific reading and writing disorders
  • 3 class teachers, 2 assistant teachers, 3 speech therapists, 1 special education teacher


Curriculum and study period

  • Studying according to national curriculum – pupils with normal intelligence
  • Study period longer – 10 years not 9 as usual
  • Teaching methods mixed with those that are being used in teaching children with mental disabilities
  • About ¼ our students study according to individual curriculas
  • Every student has an individual chart that is used to mark individual learning techniques, study progress, motivation, social abilities, etc


Support services

  • Individual speech therapy – to every 1st grade pupil. Later only for children with severe speech problems – in the 2nd and 3rd grade about 1/3 pupils attend individual therapy sessions.
  • Group therapy for minimizing learning difficulties and developing psychomotor skills – 3-4 children in one group.


Extracurricular activities

  • Several activity clubs: football, basketball, dancing class, art class
  • Regular visits to different museums, parks, hiking tracks, nearby beach, library
  • Summer camp in Southern Estonia